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Carpet Cleaning Earls Court SW5

Carpet Cleaning Earls CourtIn case you search for reliable and perfectly done carpet cleaning in Earls Court SW5, we are happy to offer you our professional services. Our company is hard working and we have a lot of experience in the cleaning business. We work during the week and at the weekends to meet the expectations of our customers and to offer the utmost care for the carpets.

We clean all types of carpets and we always work with attention to detail. Our aim is to restore the perfect look of the carpets and to remove stains and dirt from every origin.

“Thanks to your carpet cleaning I saved up a lot of money that I would otherwise invest in new carpets. The prices were fairly honest, without any hidden fees.” – Elizabeth

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Carpet Cleaning in Earls Court from Tom’s Cleaning Services

What we can offer within our carpet cleaning is:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Hot water extraction
  • Second to none approaches
  • Dealing with nasty stains
  • Using of special deodorizers for the removing of the stains
  • Eco friendly detergents
  • Reliable and experienced carpet technicians

Our Carpet Cleaning Techniques

If your carpets need deep cleaning, book our carpet cleaning service. The cleaning experts that arrive at your place will be equipped with professional grade tools and products which will help them achieve maximum efficiency. Your carpets, upholstery and the stains on their surface will be inspected and the technicians will pick the best most efficient method that will result in immaculate outcomes without causing any damage to the fibres. Here is what the most used carpet cleaning methods are:

Hot Water Extraction

This method is extremely efficient and even though it is often mistaken for steam cleaning, it is a lot gentler than it. It involves hot water and cleaning solutions that will efficiently eliminate all dirt and grime.

  • Step-I: During this cleaning process, hot water mixed with a powerful cleaning solution will be applied to the carpet/upholstery under high pressure. Then, it will be pushed deeper into the fibres with a brush. That way, it will be able to dissolve dust, allergens, and filth that have been imbedded into the fabric for a long time.
  • Step-II: Once all the grime and stains have been dissolved, we will utilise a professional water extraction device. We will be able to remove most of the moisture, speeding up the drying process.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

The other very popular carpet cleaning method is dry cleaning. It is as efficient as the water extraction approach, however, it is a lot more suitable especially for more delicate fabrics that cannot sustain hot water treatment.

  • Step-I: After vacuuming the surface of the carpet/upholstery, we will sprinkle a dry cleaning solution. It will be left to sit for 30-40 minutes which is sufficient time for the product to be able to dissolve all grease and grime.
  • Step-II: Once the time is up, we will vacuum clean the area once again. That way, the cleaning solution which has dissolved all the dirt will be removed leaving the fabric clean, fresh and bright looking.
icon_carpetCarpet, Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Earls Court
Landing Carpet £4
Bedroom Carpet £
Livingroom Carpet £25
Sofa – Two Seat £30
Upholstered Armchair £18
Minimum call out charge for carpet cleaning services £55.

Types of Carpets

We have a lot of experience in the industry and managed to learn how to work with a wide variety of carpet types. We offer cleaning solutions for different types of carpet textures – saxony, twist, woven, loop or cut pile, as well as a variety of different materials such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, wool, cotton, velvet and straw. The cleaning technicians on our team will inspect both aspects and pick a cleaning method and solution that will work best without damaging the materials.

Types of Stains

We also specialise in treating a lot of different stain types. Depending on their origins, the correct cleaning product will be selected. The compounds of the cleaning solution will be able to reach with the compounds of the stain, effectively dissolve them and ensure complete elimination. We will find the perfect solution whether you have food stains, pet stains/odours, wine, paint, cosmetic products and other considered hard-to-remove materials.

“I did not expect such good results. My carpet has not been cleaned for ages. These professionals certainly know how to work efficiently.” – Steven Polly

Professional Carpet Cleaning Earls Court SW5

Carpet Cleaning from TomOur carpet cleaning is of a first class quality and we collaborate with hard working and dedicated staff that is equipped with modern detergents and vacuum cleaners. What differs us from the others is our strong motivation and willingness to provide perfection in every aspect of the cleaning.

We offer our trustworthy carpet cleaning in Earls Court SW5 during the week and at the weekends and our staff will be happy to collaborate with you and to offer you perfection in every detail. Trust us and we assure you that your carpets will be treated in a professional manner.

“My entire property looks and smells so clean! No stains can be found on my carpet and it looks just like it did when I first bought it.” – Judy O’Brien

Steam Cleaning SW5

We promise to provide the latest cleaning technologies when we clean the carpets and to deal with unpleasant stains and odours by using special detergents and deodorizers. You carpets will become like brand new in the fastest possible way.

We guarantee that our steam cleaning in SW5 is done in a perfect and safe way. You can learn more about our second to none offers and reasonable prices by contacting our customer support centre. Choose the quality and professionalism of our company and forget about the poor look of the carpets.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the type of stain, the method you used and the damage that occurred. If it is some mild discolouration we can make an attempt to remove it. However, if the fibres have been harmed, there will be nothing we can do. However, we can provide you with some professional products which you can use next time.

Yes, we will use an extra gentle cleaning method to clean such fabrics.

If we use the water extraction method, your carpets will be left moist and will take a couple of hours to completely dry.

It depends on the materials of your carpet. We will extract most of the moisture and speed up the process. It may take anywhere between 2 and 6 hours.

Can you protect my carpets? – Yes, you may request this extra task. We will apply a protective solution that will prevent stains and scratches to the surface.